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Hi, my name is Jonas Zamora.
I'm a Web Designer & Front-End Developer based in Barcelona, Spain.

Virtual fitting room

Virtual fitting room - El Corte Inglés

Winter 2008 to Winter 2011

Project manager, web development, as3 development

Tu apartamento

Tu apartamento - Thinketing

Jun 2012

Web development

El Petit Convent

El Petit Convent - Hotel El Petit Convent

July 2012

Web development

Francesc Moret

Francesc Moret - Francesc Moret

August 2012

Web development

Fidelization program Fidelization program

Fidelization program - Total Telecom, Vodafone

May 2012 to August 2012

Project manager, web development, web design


Ancienne - Ancienne

September 2012

Web development


Prescriptores - Total Telecom S.L.

October 2012

Web development, web design

Central Cafe

Central Cafe - Central Cafe

November 2012

Web development

Ondas System

Ondas System - Vodafone

January 2013

Web development, web design


Columpiame - /

February 2013

Web development, web design

Total Telecom

Total Telecom - Vodafone

March 2013

Web development, web design

Let's Pixel Let's Pixel

Let's Pixel - /

July 2013

Web development, web design

21 de Marzo

21 de Marzo - Anima | 21 de Marzo

March 2013

Web development

Sunco Systems

Sunco Systems - Sunco Systems

April 2013

Web development

Thinking Mu

Thinking Mu - Thinking Mu | Thinketing

April 2013

Web development

Hotel Amister

Hotel Amister - Amister

August 2013

Web development

Fap Fapp

Fap Fapp - /

December 2013

Direction & development

Central Cash

Central Cash - Thinketing

October 2013

Web development

Ato Natura

Ato Natura - Ato

February 2014

Web development


Wow! It's a page about me!

The very true history about my life.

Hi I am Jonas 'Ako' Zamora! I'm a computer engineer from Barcelona specialized in web development projects. I've been working in differents companies, doing tasks as a programmer, graphic designer, analyst and project manager for a wide range of brands.

I started programming desktop applications in C++ and .NET tech for one of the best management program brands in Spain while I was doing my engineering at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (UAB). Later, I focused my career in web development, mastering PHP, JS, JQuery and AS3. Although I am currently working these fields, I enjoy researching on my own, especially in computer graphics.

My work is clean and professional. I'm specialized developing full customized front-ends and back-ends, however I have no problems to participate in CMS based projects. It's a great way to reduce costs. As well I'd like to be part of a non-web development team. It's interesting try new things!

Skills I leveled up

Web coding

  • HTML 5100%
  • CSS 3100%
  • jQuery100%
  • PHP100%
  • Action Script (FLASH)100%
  • Wordpress100%
  • Prestashop70%


  • Photoshop90%
  • Adobe After Effects70%
  • 3d Studio Max70%
  • Sony Vegas90%

non web coding

  • C / C++70%
  • Java50%
  • IOS90%
  • OpenGL70%
  • DirectX40%


  • SQL / MySQL100%
  • Unix70%
  • SVN80%

Development blog

Ako's warehouse

Before I created this page I started a posterous, Ako's warehouse. There I put some old stuff.

Because of work, I had to abandon the old blog, but I've rescued it! Instead of a posterous I prepared a simple but neat Wordpress to manage my blog. So I'll be writing when I can.

Stay tunned!

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